For Mar de Lima’s retail space, we’ve crafted a cozy and welcoming environment that reflects the essence of the brand. We’ve drawn inspiration from Mar de Lima’s own identity, which we previously designed, to create a soothing, earthy atmosphere.

Terrazzo flooring meets soft, light-colored furnishings. Beige-textured walls set a warm backdrop, and we’ve used transparent containers to display the products clearly.

At the center of it all, there’s a robust concrete counter that ties the whole space together, incorporating Mar de Lima’s signature color. To add a natural touch, we’ve included a beautifully crafted marble planter, bringing in a bit of the outdoors and breaking up the space with an organic vibe.

To complete the experience, we’ve subtly integrated the product packaging throughout the store, ensuring that Mar de Lima’s branding is an integral part of the overall design. This enhances the overall ambiance and reinforces the brand’s presence within the space. In short, it’s a straightforward and inviting space that mirrors the raw and natural qualities of the products it showcases.


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